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Mrs. Jamia Anderson


When innovation, skill, and leadership meet, one has encountered the insight and work of Jamia Anderson. As an educator and administrator, Mrs. Anderson implements creative, targeted approaches to learning and the learning environment. With the steadfast belief that all students and faculty have something of value to offer, she cultivates an atmosphere of unity and fairness within structure and flexibility. Jamia is a firm believer that students don’t learn to live or survive in a classroom. They learn to survive in the real world, so she challenges educators in any walk of life to give students the tools to live and breathe in the world around them.

Mrs. Anderson’s ability to impact her students, staff, and parents is attributed to her personable disposition and ability to connect within any cultural norm.

Mrs. Anderson’s educational journey has been enriching— from her role as a teacher and specialist to now, as a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership and Management. She is an alumna of Alabama State University and Amridge University.

Mrs. Anderson is also a wife, mom, and mentor to many.

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2080 W Fairview Ave., Montgomery, AL 36108


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