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At LIFE³ Academy, our mission is to provide a holistic education to students of minority demographics, creating the next generation of leaders. We prepare students, Grades K-8, for a productive and successful future in academia, trades, and/or entrepreneurship through the execution of an innovative and culturally relevant dual curriculum - exposing students to their own efficacy through enlightenment & empowerment.

Core Values




Core Beliefs

LIFE³ Academy is founded and committed to the following four core beliefs that guide toward our goals of academic excellence and strong student character:
  1. All students enter school with a wealth of knowledge rooted in culture, language, and personal experience. That knowledge should be built upon, not diminished, and serve as the foundation for which students learn to navigate the cultures of the world.
  2. A strong foundation of self- determination and self-advocacy is essential to student success in education and the professional world. All of our students are capable of reaching high levels of success. School should provide sufficient time for students to identify long term goals, and navigate ways of realizing them.
  3. Students’ physical and social emotional needs are a pre-requisite to higher order problem solving and rigorous academic achievement. When foundational needs of students are addressed, students can engage at their highest level and meet the cognitive demands required in the classroom.
  4. Direct exposure to local and national resources, beyond the student’s current experiences, provides students with the self-confidence and social capital needed to be competitive in the world.


w/ portfolio based assessment

*Alabama does not require a state exam to graduate. To ensure students are thoroughly prepared for  success in higher education, students will complete an interdisciplinary portfolio project.


with state required exams

Life Parallel

social / emotional / professional development
  1. History
    Social Sciences
  2. Mathematics
    Financial Literacy & Technical Skills
  3. Science
    Horticulture & Holistic Self-Care
  4. ELA
    Authorship, Business Plan, Resume, Public Speaking

Key Objectives


High School Diploma
Voter Registration Card
Associates Degree
Community Service Hours
Bank Account
Business Plan Portfolio

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Our Leader

Kia Debnam believes in educating the whole child through holistic, self-exploratory pedagogy. She believes students can materialize their understandings of science, mathematics,and history through the creation of self-care products, horticulture, and community impact initiatives. Ms. Debnam deems every student capable of changing the world around them given the tools and resources to hone their wealth of experience and knowledge into tangible skills.

Kia is an ongoing educator and perpetual learner with continuing support from the Freedom Fellows Institute, New School for Alabama School Founders Program, and the Rural School Leadership Academy. Using her background in Higher Education, TESOL and student advocacy, Kia founded and leads LIFE (Leaders Influencing Freedom and Excellence) Academy, centered on empowering and enlightening students so that they develop the efficacy to create their own desired results ranging from college access, to trades and entrepreneurship. She is an alumna of Howard University, North Carolina Central University, and Canisius College.