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Life Academy

LIFE Academy is a free public charter school located in Montgomery, Alabama. At Life Academy, we prepare students, Grades K-8, for a productive and successful future in academia, trades, and/or entrepreneurship through the execution of an innovative and culturally relevant dual curriculum – exposing students to their own efficacy through enlightenment & empowerment. We believe in cultivating relationships with our students and families that extend beyond the classroom. We SOAR!


The vision of LIFE3 Academy is to create the next generation of civically responsible, global leaders through the execution of a culturally relevant, holistic educational program. We believe that all students deserve a learning environment that embraces their whole being.

Our mission is to prepare all students, grades K-8, for a successful future in college, careers, and/or entrepreneurial endeavors. Through self-efficacy and student empowerment, LIFE helps students achieve mastery of high academic standards and lifelong ambitions.

Our Beliefs


All students enter school with a wealth of knowledge rooted in culture, language, and personal experience. That knowledge should be built upon, not diminished, and serve as the foundation for which students learn to navigate the cultures of the world.



A strong foundation of self-determination and self-advocacy is essential to student success in education and the professional world. All of our students are capable of reaching high levels of success. School should provide sufficient time for students to identify long-term goals, and navigate ways of realizing them.



Students’ physical and social-emotional needs are a prerequisite to higher-order problem solving and rigorous academic achievement. When the foundational needs of students are addressed, students can engage at their highest level and meet the cognitive demands required in the classroom.



Direct exposure to local and national resources, beyond the student’s current experiences, provides students with the self-confidence and social capital needed to be competitive in the world.




LIFE Academy Alabama is proud to be housed at the Historic St. Jude Educational Institute in Montgomery, AL.

St. Jude Educational Institute was a private, Roman Catholic high school in Montgomery, Alabama, United States. It was located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile, and was built as part of the City of St. Jude by Father Harold Purcell for the advancement of the Negro people.

St. Jude was opened in 1946. It offered a full college preparatory program as well as basic skills and trade programs at night for adults.

During the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965, the march camped on the St. Jude campus. The “Stars for Freedom” rally was held, featuring singers Harry Belafonte, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Tony Bennett, and comedian Sammy Davis Jr. The campus was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990, and is part of the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail, created in 1996.

Our Report Card


Of History

LIFE Academy continues a
legacy of advocacy and excellence.