LIFE Academy Plan with COVID Contingencies are as follows:

  • Face masks will be required for all students, staff, and visitors on all campuses and on buses. Masks are a critical part of keeping our staff and students safe from COVID. Each family will need to ensure that their students arrive at school masked on a daily basis. If your student has a condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, you will need to reach out to your school leader for guidance.
  • On all campuses, we will socially distance as much as possible. We are planning on using all available space on all of our campuses, including non-traditional classroom spaces such as the gym and cafeteria, so that we can keep students as far apart as possible as much as possible.
  • Students will be provided with a device to access online learning. Stay tuned for more details on device distribution.
  • We will not administer COVID-19 tests to staff or students. While we are putting in place other health measures such as temperature checks and encouraging all students and staff who exhibit symptoms to stay at home, we are leaving COVID-19 tests to the health experts. If you are experiencing symptoms, we strongly encourage you to visit one of the many testing sites in Montgomery.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Students can attend school in-person. We are excited to welcome students who choose this option back into the building this fall. Our campus admins have been working to make preparations for students to return to school safely in the fall. However, since COVID-19 is contagious and unpredictable, parents should be prepared for students to temporarily switch to virtual learning if health professionals indicate that this is the best option. In this case, students will be provided with a device and transition into virtual learning with their teachers.

The following are the key changes we are making to ensure safety for our students:

  • Cohorts of Students: Students will stay with the same group of students all day long in the same classroom to limit interactions with other students. Students may leave the classroom to participate in their elective classes, but transitions will be monitored so that they do not come into contact with other students. In PE, students will engage in distanced activities, with PE classes outside if possible. If a student requires ELL, SPED, or RTI services, they may be pulled from their cohort classroom into another classroom where social distance will be maintained. As much as possible, we will keep students with other students from their cohort.
  • Social Distancing: We will maintain social distance as much as physically possible within our classrooms. Students will wear face shields so they still learn cooperatively. We are planning on utilizing non-traditional classroom spaces like the gym and cafeteria to provide additional learning space for students. We will use signs and markers to encourage students and staff to maintain social distance.
  • Face Masks: All staff and students will be expected to wear a face covering that covers their mouth and nose. While LIFE Academy will provide some masks, we are strongly encouraging each family to provide their own masks for their students. Current guidance from local officials and health professionals requires all adults and students to wear a mask in a school building. If the guidance about masks changes, we will revisit our policy. Visitors on campus will be required to wear a mask. If your child has a medical issue that prevents them from wearing a mask, please consult your building principal.
  • Handwashing: Classroom schedules will include time for handwashing and hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be available in all classrooms and at key points around the building.
  • Increased Cleaning:
    • All classrooms and buildings will undergo nightly cleaning.
    • We will hire additional staff to provide cleaning services.
    • Common areas (Multi-purpose Room, Cafeteria, Classrooms, Hallways, Library, Office Areas, Stairwells and Teacher Work Areas) are to be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of 2x’s a day
      • Clean and sanitize counters, desk tops, seats, table tops, handrails and doors (handles & windows)
      • Sweep/vacuum/mop floors
      • Clean water fountains
      • Empty trash
      • Check and restock all tissue, paper towel, hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
    • Restrooms are to be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of 4x’s a day (2x’s during am hours, 1x during pm hours, & the end of shift).
      • Clean and disinfect countertops, sinks, toilets, urinals, and flush valves
      • Sweep/mop floors
      • Clean partitions, stalls, walls, and doors
      • Empty trash
      • Check and restock all tissue, paper towel, hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Temperature Checks: Every adult and student will have their temperature checked when they enter the building in the morning. The school will provide specific instructions about temperature procedure during registration. Students with a temperature higher than 100.4 will be sent to an isolation room and will need to be picked up immediately. Staff with a temperature higher than 100.4 will be asked to return home. Students and staff returning to school after a failed temperature check will need a doctor’s note.
  • Movement in School: Movement in the hallways will be directed and restricted as much as possible to ensure social distancing.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up: Adults will not be allowed into the school building during arrival and dismissal. Students will remain in the building until their name is called for afternoon pick up.
  • Meals: LIFE Academy will utilize the cafeteria for meals to whatever extent possible. Based on the campus, parents and students can expect some combination of grab and go meals, meals consumed in classrooms, an increased number of lunch periods and/or shorter lunch times.
  • Parent Meetings: Parents can request virtual or phone meetings to discuss their student’s process. There will not be face to face meetings with parents at this time.
  • Recess: All K-5 students will still have recess; however, they will only have recess with their cohort and will not be able to access playground equipment until further notice. Students will engage in age-appropriate, distanced activities during recess.
  • Bus Transportation: Parents will need to decide if they want their student to ride the bus after reviewing our plan for bus transportation. Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus. Buses will be cleaned before and after each route. Students who ride the bus will have their temperature checked when they arrive at school. Since buses are often warm in the summer, if a student fails the initial temperature check, they will be isolated and give a chance to cool down before being issued a second temperature check. If they pass the second check, they can attend school. If they fail the second check, they will need to remain in the isolation room and be picked up immediately. Once we have enrollment numbers and bus numbers, we will communicate with parents about specific social distancing realities on buses and the number of routes that will be available.
  • Procedure for when a student or staff member tests positive: It is critical to the health of our staff and students that MSE be made aware of any student or staff member that has tested positive for COVID-19. All staff and students can be assured of confidentiality and privacy when reporting their positive test results. MSE will follow all current CDC and health department guidance on what to do when students or staff exhibit symptoms and when a case is suspected/confirmed. Students or staff who exhibit symptoms will be directed home to self-isolate and seek medical attention, as necessary. Positive or suspected cases will be confirmed with the local Department of Public Health who will assist with developing recommended next steps based on the level of potential exposure.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       At a minimum, in the event of a confirmed case, LIFE may close off portions of the building for a period of 24 hours and allow for additional cleaning/disinfecting before reopening. According to the most recent guidance from the CDC, before returning to work or school in person, anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must wait at least 72 hours after symptoms ceased (resolution of fever and improvement in respiratory symptoms) AND 10 days since symptoms first appeared. Depending on the extent of positive cases within the school, the school may need to close for up to two weeks and then stagger student attendance upon restarting. During this time those students will shift to virtual instruction model so that students and teachers will continue uninterrupted teaching and learning.

Due to Covid-19 delays & safety precautions, LIFE Academy is currently updating our systems and procedures to ensure that information provided virtually, is kept secure.

For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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