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Kia Debnam believes in educating the whole child through holistic, self-exploratory pedagogy. She believes students can materialize their understandings of science, mathematics, and history through the creation of self-care products, horticulture, and community impact initiatives. Ms. Debnam deems every student capable of changing the world around them given the tools and resources to hone their wealth of experience and knowledge into tangible skills.

She is an ongoing educator and perpetual learner with continuing support from the Freedom Fellows Institute, New School for Alabama School Founders Program, and the Rural School Leadership Academy. Using her background in Higher Education, TESOL and student advocacy, Kia founded and leads LIFE (Leaders Influencing Freedom and Excellence) Academy, centered on empowering and enlightening students so that they develop the efficacy to create their own desired results ranging from college access, to trades and entrepreneurship. She is an alumna of Howard University, North Carolina Central University, and Canisius College.

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Our Facility

LIFE Academy Alabama is proud to be housed at the Historic St. Jude Educational Institute in Montgomery, AL.

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