• 21OctThursday

October 21, 2021

5:30 pm - TBA

Zoom Conference

The Charter Board & Committee minutes are posted within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10 days) after approval on the "Past Board Meeting Minutes" link under the "Board Members" tab in the Main Menu.




♦   Call to Order

♦   Approval of the Minutes from Previous Meetings

♦   School Director’s Report

♦   New Business

♦   Old Business

♦   Executive Session (if necessary)





I. Roll Call & Attendees

  • Norma Lubin
  • Bettye Chapman
  • Mary Fitzpatrick
  • Oliver Fitzpatrick
  • Grace Ward
  • Dr. David Ang
  • Mary Pugh
  • Kia Debnam
  • Dr. Nettles
  • LIFE Academy Teachers/Parents

II. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings held September 15, 2021.


III. Old Business

  • N/A

IV. Reports and Recommendations of Committees

  • No report was given. (Finance Committee Consultant - Oliver Fitzpatrick)
    There was no Financial Report provided due to the transition from 4SS to New Schools for Alabama as our back-office support.
  • Further, the board chairman informed everyone of the Calendar year 2022 Meetings being moved to the Second Thursday of the month.

V. Reports and Recommendations of the School Leader

  • The board was informed of the recent testing that indicates our students will need quite a bit of attention to prepare for state testing.
  • The board was also informed of the reading position the school was just awarded.
  • Lastly, several faculty and staff were in attendance with questions and concerns about the school. In order to keep everyone informed, we are planning a Townhall meeting.

VI. New business and Action Items (* Committee Lead Needed)

  • N/A

VII. Remarks from Trustees & Attendees.

  • N/A

VIII. Adjournment: Next meeting - November 18, 2021


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LIFE Academy Alabama is proud to be housed at the Historic St. Jude Educational Institute in Montgomery, AL.

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