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Teachers & Staff

The teachers and staff at LIFE Academy are dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment for all students. Their passion for education and commitment to student success make them a valuable asset to the school community.


We're a multidisciplinary team based in Alabama with a passion for creating innovative ways to educate, uplift, and grow future leaders and members of the community.

Executive Director / Principal

Jamia Anderson

Assistant Principal

Arnold Stringer

Dean of Culture & Climate

Alexis Holley

Director of Operations

KaChairi Thomas



Brittney Martin

Instructional Interventionist

Shikia Carter

Academic Interventionist/ Testing Coordinator

Linda Williams

Reading Specialist

Valeta Robinson-Hinson

Special Education Coordinator

Tanisha Pearson


JeKell Porterfield

Administrative Assistant

LaQuita Redditt

Student Prevention and Support Interventionist

Brenda Owens

Security Officer

Marcus Porterfield


Kindergarten Teacher

Cameron Broaden

Kindergarten Teacher

Shamerial Love

Kindergarten Teacher

Gabriele Streety

1st Grade Teacher

Brenda Dowdell

1st Grade Teacher

Makhari McCary

1st Grade Teacher

Mary Stinson

1st Grade Teacher

Ericka Turner

2nd Grade Teacher

Kiara Myles

2nd Grade Teacher

Shavon Sykes

3rd Grade Teacher

Amber Provitt

3rd Grade Teacher

Janae Thomas

4th Grade Teacher

Consquelo Johnson-Bell

P.E. Coach

David Myles

P.E. Coach

Marquise Glaze


Technology Teacher

Nikki Martin

Theater Teacher

Kayla Summerlin



Kelsey Dewhart


Briana Scott


Tammie Robinson


Shuntoriea Constant

Academy Assistant

Academy Assistant

Makiya Selma